Vieta kur savu mīļāka mūziku atskaņo labākie vietējie dīdzeji. Gadu gaitā milzīgas ballītes bārā noturējuši arī Kings Of Convenience, Mum un Sigur Ros. Visiem time, las meklē alternatīvu Vecrīgas ierastajam popmūzikas troksnim.


22.09.2010 | 10:16 - Be the one in OPEN MIKE

OPENMIKEWho? Open Mike is possibility for young musicians or poets to show what they have to offer. Musicians get 15 min. or 3 songs, poets 5 min. Every time there will be max 4 artists

When? +/- once per month. On sundays around 20:00.

What? Play, sing or talk but what is yours, NO COVERS!

How? Accoustic

Why? Evenings best will vote audience and get 20 Ls from bar. Seasons best vote we and get stage on Positivus festival 2011. Radio 101 will support us and you

How participate? Send your demo mp3 and short explanation why you do it to

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